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Classic Cola Ribs

One of the nation's favourite drinks is used in this recipe to create a fantastic marinade for ribs. For fall-off-the-bone meat, try this recipe.

Classic Cola Ribs
  • 2hrs 20 mins
  • 10 mins
  • Main
  • 4
  • Easy


  • 2 Racks of Pork Ribs
  • 2 l bottle of Coca Cola
  • 1 Bottle of BBQ Sauce


  • For tender, flavoursome ribs, remove the thin membrane (silverskin) from the back of the ribs. After removing the silverskin, cut the 2 rib racks into pieces of about 3 - 4 ribs each.
  • Prepare the barbecue ribs for the grill by pouring over your favourite BBQ sauce, completely covering them.
  • Place the ribs, meat-side up, in a large BBQ sauce pot. Pour over enough coca cola to completely cover the ribs. Bring the ribs to a gentle simmer and cook for about 2 hours with the lid on the pot and a 2cm gap for steam to escape.
  • Clean and oil the grates of the barbecue and preheat the grill to 240C - 275C. Remove the ribs from the pot and place them on a large tray or pan.
  • When the grill has reached cooking temperature, place the ribs on the grill, bone-side down, and cover the lid. After 20 minutes the sauce should be caramelizing slightly, becoming sticky, and the meat should be falling off the bone. Remove from the grill and serve immediately. Now sit back and enjoy!