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Weber Spirit Classic E-310

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We found the Weber Spirit Classic a convenient BBQ for cooking for crowds. Treating everybody to lunch outside, the BBQ has four wheels making it easy to move to location. It also has an enclosed cart so that your BBQ tools or food can be carried along at the same time meaning fewer trips back and forth to the kitchen for you.

Being a gas BBQ it does mean that you’ll need to buy and carry heavy gas bottles to your chosen location but once there we found that it was relatively simple to connect the gas to this BBQ. Being powered by gas rather than charcoal, the grill warmed up in just a few minutes so there was less waiting around, and the food cooked quickly.

We were cooking for around 15-20 people and opted for simple BBQ favourites like burgers, sausages and some pork kebabs. There was plenty of room on the grill to feed all mouths at once, and unlike lots of BBQs, there was no chance of sausages falling between the grates, preventing flare-ups. We all thought that the food tasted delicious but it did lack that charcoaled scent and flavour that is associated with BBQs.   

The biggest downside to this Weber BBQ was its performance in windy weather. Although the sun was shining, we found that as the wind picked up, the BBQ would turn off and need switching back on. Due to a combination of this BBQ’s quietness and distractions that go hand in hand with throwing a BBQ, sometimes it was difficult to notice the gas had gone off until feeling it had cooled slightly.

All in all, we think that the Weber Spirit Classic BBQ is great for social barbecuers looking to cook quick grub for groups of people, but as with any BBQ it needs constant supervision especially if being used around children. 

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