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üutensil 'tender' meat hammer

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British design company, üutensil are building their name as an up and coming brand of exciting, innovative kitchen products and so we were interested to see whether the practicality of their ‘reinvented meat hammer’ would outshine its modern design.

The first thing we noticed about the ‘Tender’ meat hammer when we took it out of the orange, branded box was its weight - it was lighter than we expected it to be because instead of one solid weight, it is filled with small glass balls which roll backwards and forwards to deliver follow-up hits to the meat after the first blow; a clever idea, but it does make it quite noisy! The sound it most resembles is that of a set of maracas, so we were in debate as to whether this was a positive or negative point! In the end it was decided that tenderising steak is never going to be a quiet job, and at least the shaking sound can get you in the mood for your BBQ party!

In addition to the innovative glass balls, the uutensil tenderiser also has a serrated roller and sharper which work fantastically to tenderise with minimal effort on your part. One thing that we particularly liked about the serrated roller was how it left attractive ridges in the meat, which help you to achieve the chargrilled effect when they are placed on the BBQ.

Once tenderised and barbecued, we got to enjoy our relatively cheap sandwich steaks for lunch and were pleasantly surprised by just how tender the steak was, leaving us without doubt that the üutensil meat hammer has both style and substance. We never had any doubt about the design, as the minimalistic white tenderiser with rounded top and silver base would look the part in any modern kitchen.

To top it all off, it was great to find out after lunch that the üutensil ‘tender’ is also dishwasher-friendly, and thankfully it came out the dishwasher looking as clean and white as when we first unpackaged the box! The üutensil ‘tender’ meat hammer is a 5 star product and will guarantee you top-quality BBQ steaks with minimal effort.

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