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Thueros Tabletop BBQ

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For a tabletop BBQ this was a very good size, and you could cook for two-three people very comfortably in one sitting. The grill retains heat well, so you could continue cooking for a good amount of time before the coals cooled (I used the same coals for around 45 minutes and was still able to cook food thoroughly and quickly). Once the food had been eaten, I found the BBQ very easy to clean and put away.

The BBQ set-up was pretty straightforward and the BBQ is very well made; in particular I liked the sturdy base, which stood up well to the wind and didn’t topple over as some tabletop barbecues can do. It is also easy to transport as you would expect from a tabletop BBQ, and folds down into an easy-to-carry box.

In particular I felt that one of the biggest advantages of this BBQ was how close the grate sits to the coals below. This means the food cooks quickly and evenly (my chicken fillets were ready in around 10 minutes) and the charcoal flavour is infused into the meat giving that authentic barbecue taste.

The only fault I can make with the cooking is that the BBQ doesn’t come with a lid; something I and many other keen barbecuers like to have as it gives more control over the cooking. Being able to BBQ with a lid down reduces flare ups meaning there is less chance of food burning, and also allows juices to remain within the grill rather than evaporate, which means even more flavour in the food. If like me you prefer a lid when barbecuing, then one can be purchased separately.

Despite this, if you are looking for an easy-to-use yet sturdy portable BBQ to cook for small numbers of people then this one is ideal!

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