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Nipoori Tandoori Review

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The Nipoori Tandoori was very easy to use, but the highlight has to be the taste of the meat when cooked in it.

Unlike a conventional BBQ, the Nipoori has a much smaller space at the top so instead of drifting away into the open air the juices drop back into the coals below. This means that they are concentrated around the meat and intensify its flavour. I think it might be good to try some flavoured woodchips to make the most of this unique feature.

The BBQ is very lightweight so it is easy to manoeuvre in and out of storage. As with all barbecues though, it does get very hot so children will need to be supervised closely.

Lighting the BBQ was very easy but the charcoals took around 45 minutes to fully heat up, so if you are planning a party you might want to light the barbecue before guests arrive. The meat cooked very quickly and within a few minutes we had perfectly cooked pork kebabs and they went down very well with our friends!

Removing the meat from the skewers was no trouble at all and there is a marker showing where to load the skewer up to, so it is very user-friendly. The Tandoori also comes with six large reusable skewers, which is enough to feed around 10-12 people easily.

The only two drawbacks I could find was that the bubble wrap that the BBQ was covered in has left a pattern on the black coating as it seems it was probably packaged up when not fully dry. Though this does actually make quite an attractive design! I also found that closing the hood was quite tricky the first couple of times, but this could well be because it is new and it will get easier over time.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this BBQ if you are looking to impress your guests with something that looks unique but creates great tasting food!

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