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Kinley Charcoal Kettle BBQ

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Looking for a decent BBQ set up but not after gas? This is the only BBQ we have seen that offers that ‘BBQ kitchen’ functionality with charcoal and looks fantastic too!

We are all used to seeing quite substantial gas BBQs with drop leaf sides and built in storage, but what If you are a traditional barbecuer and refuse to grill your chicken wings over anything else but charcoal or wood?

If that’s you, then this BBQ could be the one! It is essentially a standard kettle charcoal BBQ sat on a frame which incorporates some storage and a much needed work surface. But it has been beautifully designed with all your needs in mind and at a great price too.

They really concentrated on the ‘look and feel’ when it came to designing this product, using a wooden teak work surface mixed with a granite cutting board, against the shiny black steel of the large kettle BBQ. The grill is much larger than you think too, and one of our favourite features is the fact that this is height adjustable - something you may be surprised to find out is not a standard feature on many kettle BBQs from well-known brands!

Another reason why we like this BBQ so much, is the fact that it seems to come with everything you could possibly need to kickstart a new found BBQ obsession. You still need to get some charcoal, utensils and the meat itself, but aside from that you get a charcoal starter (usually an extra), ash catcher with fire lighter holder, and even a bottle opener and utensil hook.

So what more could you think of? Oh yeah, why not add in a bin hidden under the granite chopping board just for good measure.

The bin is actually a really decent size that could take on many uses. For instance you could fill it with ice and use it as a drinks cooler or even for you salad and other BBQ sides that you want to keep fresh, or simply use it to store your firestarters and wood smoking chips to keep them free from damp.

So what about build and product quality? Well we weren’t expecting the best quality because of the relatively low price point, but we were pleasantly surprised. Apart from the odd screw hole misalignment everything fitted together well and the build process was made so much easier thanks to the way all of the nuts, bolts and washers were packaged in separate bags labelled with the specific steps that they referred to. This meant that at each given point you only had the bits you needed in front of you.

Tip: There are quite a few parts to the Kinley as it is not just a standard kettle BBQ, and we would suggest building this inside if possible or on a piece of tarpaulin to prevent you from losing any crucial nuts of bolts. We did find that there were a few extra nuts etc left over at the end, but this may not be the case with every one purchased.

We could go on and on about the great features of this Kinley BBQ, but instead we will list the benefits and pitfalls below:


  • Large 54.5 cm diameter grill (up to 10 people)
  • Height adjustable grill
  • Built in ash catcher
  • Comes with charcoal starter (easy to get going)
  • Comes with indirect cooking rack
  • Warming rack in lid (can close lid with meat on the rack)
  • Work surface - practical and safe
  • Granite chopping board - use for cutting or as a trivet
  • Air vents for controlled temperature
  • Bin for storage/waste/ice bucket
  • Utensil hook and can opener included
  • Four wheels with a locking function to keep in place
  • Fitted Kinley BBQ cover available


  • Not the smallest option by far (H 1.07m x W 700mm)
  • Quality could be improved
  • Build time: approx. 1 hour

As you can see we struggled to find much wrong with this BBQ and although it is made up of a lot of parts, the instructions are simple and well thought out.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming very popular in the UK and we love the fact that this one product gives you everything you need and more to create your back garden BBQ kitchen station.

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