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The selling point of the British-made Halo Cooltouch is the insulating technology that keeps the outside of the BBQ cool; and it really does do what it says on the tin. The whole furnace, legs to lid, is still air temperature even after a good forty minutes of cooking. Although any barbecuing requires supervision, a cool BBQ takes some of the worry out of an event attended by young children, and can generally prevent accidents, leaving more time for enjoying your day and less for stress.

When we unboxed the BBQ for the first time, we were struck by the vibrant colour – a limited edition red that is only available from We were also very pleased to find that the tools for assembly had already been provided. Our Halo Cooltouch came with two different sized hex keys and a wrench, allowing us to get the BBQ up and running in minimal time, with only the assembly of the legs and inner furnace to complete.

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This BBQ certainly looks like the celebrity of the BBQ world, coming in a range of customisable colours and made up of smooth curves. The grill plate of the Halo has an original design which will never allow for a lonely sausage to drop into the coals, and the heatproof X-shape handle on the top allows for easy access to your food. Due to the cooltouch insulation the Halo also heats up quickly, allowing you to get meat to grill in around twenty minutes, and it retains its temperature more  easily too. We tried some steak and sausages on the grill, and the lid locked in the smoky flavour, resulting in a real BBQ taste.

All the insulation that has gone into the Halo Cooltouch does result in a heavy lid, and lifting it to turn your sausages can be a bit of a task. The Halo BBQ rests on four legs to make it stable, however the exclusion of wheels also means that it can be difficult to transport.

After the steaks and sausages had been eaten, we found that this BBQ was very easy to clean. The nature of the plating of the furnace means that grease can be simply wiped off, the grill plates can go straight into the dishwasher, and the furnace is removable too, allowing the coals to be tipped away and the furnace itself to be cleaned with ease.  

All in all, a sleek design to impress your friends and a selection of safe functions mean that this BBQ comes well recommended, especially for suburban living.