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Giant Tumble Tower

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The Giant Tumble Tower by Uber Games is a website best-seller, and we can certainly see why.

The 56 solid pine blocks that make up the Giant Tumble Tower come complete with a handy fabric carry bag meaning that the garden game can not only be stored easily but can also be carried to wherever you are barbecuing! The only downside of this being that you’ll need someone strong to carry it as 56 blocks of wood are not particularly light.

When we opened the carry bag, we saw that 6 blocks have been crafted beautifully with the Uber Games logo. The 19 levels of three blocks build a game that’s 90cm tall; perfect for adults to play. The setting up itself can be done fairly quickly three blocks at a time, and one of our reviewers even considered the setting up a game in itself (she’s easily pleased!).

Playing Giant Tumble Tower was loads of fun, especially with a big group of people getting involved. It’s much harder than the miniature version we’re all used to as not all of the heavy blocks want to move very easily but that just adds to the challenge and makes the game last. We also chose quite a windy day to play so as more layers were lost the wobble-factor was in full force!

One thing we would advise is that children are supervised at all times and that shoes are worn to avoid any bumps when the blocks fall, but all in all we thought that the Giant Tumble Tower was a fantastic garden game for all to enjoy and perfect for BBQ entertainment.

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