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The Top 10 BBQ side dishes

side dishes

With the barbecuing season now well under way, many of us will soon be dusting off our grills and reaching for the tongs in excited anticipation for those hot summer days to come. However, it’s not only our favourite cuts of meat that should feature on our alfresco dining wishlist; consideration should always be paid to the perfect accompaniments too! With that in mind, here are our top 10 side dishes that we think you’ll love...

1. Butternut squash

Great in soups, salads, roasts and risottos, butternut squash offers the perfect side to both BBQ chicken or pork, or alternatively,  why not serve as a main vegetarian dish?

2. Baked beans

As a sturdy favourite, they had to make our top 10 favourites due to their fantastic simplicity and versatility; suiting any BBQ dish. If you’re looking for something a little more exciting why not jazz up this age-old favourite with our hot curry sauce for a more spicy flavour?

3. Baked Potato

Easy to prepare (just wrap them in foil and grill for approximately 45 minutes) and great as both a side or main; simply season with salt and pepper or try a more unique twist by infusing your potato with garlic. A real BBQ staple.

4. Mushrooms

Ideal for salads, pasta or in a soup, mushrooms can be enjoyed with a range of BBQ dishes, however, why not try creating exciting Balsamic fried mushrooms for something a little more exciting? A delicious accompaniment to a juicy grilled filet mignon steak.  


5. Sweet Potato Fries

As a great healthy alternative to chips, sweet potato fries are simple to prepare and can easily be spiced up and seasoned with a range of different sauces, marinades and rubs; making them a versatile dish suitable for a wide range of menus.

6. Coleslaw

This colourful and tasty side combines perfectly with almost any BBQ dish; why not try it with our delicious ginger and garlic rotisserie chicken? Coleslaw offers complimentary subtle flavours that enhance those found in this main.


7. Couscous

A perfect dish for those in a hurry! Simply drizzle lime and lemon juice over this tasty side to give extra flavour. If you love our Chicken kofta kebab recipe, this is the perfect accompaniment.


8. Corn on the cob

A unique tasting dish which offers a juicy and sweet alternative to your BBQ. Best served with green salad, it goes particularly well with our crispy grilled fish recipe.


9. Pasta Salad

This side offers great versatility, allowing you to tailor it’s ingredients to suit your chosen BBQ dishes; why not try adding alternative flavours such as olives, peppers, ham or mushroom before serving up with our tasty rib eye steak and zesty crab meat recipe?

10. Grilled stuffed peppers

As one of our favourite recipes; packed full of bacon, parmesan and a mozzarella topping, this dish is perfect for serving with garlic bread and salad; something no BBQ can do without!

Give these 10 side dishes a try and tweet us @GreatBritBBQ to let us know which you will be cooking at your next BBQ.