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The Good Food Show

The BBC Good Food Show came to the NEC in November 2013 with more of your favourite TV chefs and dangerously delicious dishes! The Great British BBQ went to get a taste of the action!

Great British BBQ and the Good Food Show

Mouth-watering aromas filled the NEC recently as the BBC once again began their winter Good Food Show. Five days of meats, cheeses, and drinks certainly sounded like our kind of event, so we went along on the 30th November to see what it was all about. Local and international exhibitors set up their tastiest morsels side by side, and as the crowds funnelled in, we saw suitcases and even trolleys waiting to be stuffed with Britain’s finest foods.

A Merry Meaty Christmas

Amongst the generously-laden stalls and between the budding chefs, we found award-winning sausages from Perfick Pork; their Black Pudding and Strawberry Jam sausages seem a great addition to any BBQ breakfast. Ludlow Food Centre presented their preparation of lamb cuts, from shoulder to loin, and through it all we had the rich spice of seasonal mulled wine, and mulled cider. If you have decided to follow our How to BBQ a Turkey guide this year, we fully recommend a cheeky glass (or two!) of mulled wine with some Spiced Plum-flavoured Edward’s Cordial as you baste your bird.

If that wasn’t hot enough, a big hit this year was the humble spice stall. Spices in every colour of the rainbow came in boxes, tins, and tubs, all ready to heat up the coming British winter. They really woke up our taste buds.

We managed to cool down a bit at the 2013 World Cheese Awards, during which Jousseaume’s Taupinette Jousseaume won super gold; the perfect cheese to use for an ultimate BBQ burger, perhaps?

Famous Faces

After all that we were ready for some proper food. We found Saturday Kitchen host James Martin, who  took to the stage to whip together a delicious dish of beer-braised beef with malted onions. Beautiful! He was just one of the army of celebrity chefs across the show, all demonstrating their favourite winter recipes and we loved his take on barbecuing with beer! Antonio Carluccio, Gregg Wallace, and Bake-Off’s Frances Quinn also turned up amongst others to impart their culinary wisdom.

The Good Food Show was a eclectic collection of the world’s most celebrated foods, and we  are sad it’s over. There isn’t too long to wait until the summer Good Food Show, which returns to us in June 2014. We hope to see you there!