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The Battle of the Supermarket Sausage 2014

Following last year’s success, the Great British BBQ ‘Battle of the Supermarket Sausage’ is back for another year!

Using the same blind taste test format as last year, we made this year’s battle bigger and better, tasting nine supermarket’s sausages to discover which sausage would provide the best flavour for a BBQ and good value for money.

To create a level playing field, we selected each supermarket’s own brand of sausage and cooked them outside on the BBQ. We then presented each sausage to participants, who were unaware of the sausages’ brand, and asked them to taste each banger and score them out of 10. 


The winning sausages this year were the Morrisons ‘Made by us’ pork sausages, an excellently priced sausage that delivered heaps of substantial, meaty rich flavour. Other sausages had been described by participants as being ‘rubbery’ or ‘greasy’, whereas Morrisons sausages were lauded as ‘superb’ and received a string of 10/10 scores. M&S received a second place position for the second year running, narrowly missing out on the top spot, whilst Asda came in third. Check out where the other contenting supermarkets finished below.