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The 10 best things about Meatopia

It wasn't easy but we've narrowed down our Top 10 moments of Meatopia 2013... 

Meatopia cuts the Mustard!

It’s a decade since Meatopia; the festival of meat, drink, fire and music, was launched by American food writer Josh Ozersky, inspired by one of his books of the same name. Living its first seven years as an invite-only event for food media contacts and chefs, Meatopia unintentionally built up desire in the general public who all wanted to go to the event, desperate to get a taste of such high-profile chefs dishes. As a result, five years ago the event was made ticketed and 5000 people attended, and the festival of meat has grown since then! Originally hosted in New York, Meatopia began to expand and launched festivals in Texas too, the home of BBQ, and this year we finally got a taste of Meatopia in the UK!

So we packed our Great British BBQ bags and headed down to Tobacco Dock in London’s East End on Saturday 7th September to see what all the fuss is about! Here are our Top 10 Meatopia Moments of 2013:

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