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Pledge to be a year round barbecuer

Back in the cold winter of 2013 Great British BBQ asked you all to pledge to hold barbecues all year round - yes even when its snowing, drizzling, murky and grey - because no matter what the weather, you can still enjoy the atmosphere and great smells that a Great British BBQ brings with it. Since starting this campaign over 4000 of you awesome Brits have pledged your support by adding your BBQ to the Great British BBQ Counter, but our mission is not over yet. So please help us to spread the word by using the buttons above to share this on Facebook and Twitter, and send it to anyone planning a BBQ in the near future!

Below are some handy tips to aid you in becoming a year-round barbecuer:

  • Firstly, invest in a BBQ with a lid and a coat with a hood, just incase we get unexpected rain showers (highly likely!)
  • Don’t be scared to try new BBQ recipes. It doesn’t all have to be about the burgers and bangers, and making new things every time you grill is a great way to keep interested.
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