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Never mind the weather!

It's time to take note from DJ-BBQ, who loves cooking slow'n'low rain or shine, and embrace some Great British Barbecuing, whatever the weather!

Embrace British BBQs

It’s fair to say that we’re not best known for our glorious weather here in the UK, but it seems that the lack of spring sun and the abundance of snow this year paid off for a glorious few weeks of summer! But how long will this last and does the success of our barbecues rely entirely on sunny days? Or should we be embracing the charm of British barbecues come rain or shine?

One person who is championing the year-round BBQ is Christian Stevenson, aka DJ-BBQ. He is fast becoming a YouTube sensation having been working alongside Jamie Oliver on his popular Food Tube channel ( Famed for his spandex cat-suits, championship smokers and infectious enthusiasm, he is a great believer of barbecuing whatever the weather.

In a recent interview, American-born DJ-BBQ explored the reasoning behind our very British fear of grilling in the rain, saying that although “the Brits are embracing barbecuing, the supermarkets aren’t helping. People think, ‘Summer = BBQ’ but that’s not the case. Barbecuing should be 365 and the supermarkets need to stock charcoal all year round.”

So what’s your view? Do Supermarkets carry some of the blame for our Fair weather barbecuing habits?

We have to admit, we’ve been known to cancel the odd barbecue due to weather in the past, but all that is set to change. With recipes including Texas Brisket turned Foie Gras, his favourite Fish Tacos and countless variations on the classic Beer can chicken, his “Rad-onkulous” Food Tube series has been all the inspiration we need for year-round barbecuing!

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