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Halloween BBQ food ideas

It is nearly that time of year again when the ghosts and ghouls are out in force; this year, meet them head on with a delicious Halloween BBQ!

Cooking up food to a theme always adds some extra excitement to your BBQ, so why not invite your friends round on the 31st and serve them these spooky treats?

Pumpkin soup

DividerPumpkin soupIn Britain too many pumpkins are carved for decoration but the delicious vegetable inside gets thrown away, so this year give your guests a tasty treat and cook it on the BBQ. 

1.    Prepare the grill for direct cooking and pre-heat to 180-200C
2.    Cut the pumpkin into slices and then grill with the peppers, onions and garlic for 10-12 minutes until they are slightly browned
3.    Chop the vegetables and add them to the olive oil, honey, cream and vegetable stock and simmer in a large sauce pot for 40-50 minutes.
4.    Serve in bowls with a swirl of cream for extra decoration!

Pumpkin soup

Meatball spiders


Meatball spiders1.    Add the seasoning to the minced beef and mould into 16 meatballs; 8 smaller ones and 8 larger. 
2.    Place the meatballs on skewers and barbecue each side for about 5 minutes.
3.   Once they are cooked arrange them into spiders, with the larger meatballs as bodies, smaller meatballs as heads and add Twiglets as legs.

Meatball spiders

Dough ball eyeballs


Dough balls (to look like eyeballs)Frighten your friends and family with these delicious but ghostly looking dough-eyeballs. They are easy to make and the smoky flavour from your barbecue will make them better than you have ever tasted before! Try our delicious honey garlic sauce for dipping them in too!

1.    Combine the flour, yeast, salt and olive oil in a large mixing bowl and stir lightly with a fork until the mixture starts to clump.
2.    Knead the mixture for 2 minutes with your fists and form the dough into a ball.
3.    Place the dough in a glass bowl which has been sprayed with cooking oil.
4.    Lightly brush the top of the dough with olive oil to prevent cracking as it rises, cover loosely with cling film and allow to rise for 2-4 hours until it has doubled in size.
5.    Set up your grill or barbecue for indirect cooking and place a pizza stone on the grates. Preheat the grill to 260C. When the grill reaches temperature, cover the pizza stone generously with flour to prevent it from sticking. 
6.    Split your dough into balls and push a hole into the surface ready for the olive
7.    Place the dough balls on the pizza stone and cook for 10-15 minutes, depending on how soft or crispy you want the crust; check occasionally to make sure they aren't burning
8.    Once the dough balls are ready, remove them from the grill and place the olive ‘eyes’ into the previously-made holes. 

Chocolate monster mousse


Chocolate monster mousseThis is a delicious desert for all the family, and can be cooked on the BBQ while they are eating the rest of the food you have prepared! To make this monster mousse you will need a monster ice cube tray to make the chocolate monsters.

1.    Earlier in the day melt half of the chocolate in a pan and pour into the ice cube tray. Leave the chocolate monsters in the fridge to set.
2.    After you have finished barbecuing your main meal, turn the gas off and place the bananas (skin on) onto the barbecue. 
3.    Allow the banana skins to turn black; by this point you should have finished eating your main course.
4.    Melt the rest of the chocolate in a saucepan over the BBQ, slip the bananas out of their skins and mix together with the chocolate.
5.    Fold the whipped cream into the chocolate and banana mixture and allow it to stand in the fridge for about half an hour.
6.    Serve with the chocolate monsters you made earlier

Spooky orange punch

DividerSpooky orange punchNo party is complete without a large bowl of punch for the guests! This spooky orange punch recipe will complement your Halloween party perfectly!

1.    Ensure that all the juices are chilled thoroughly, then pour them into a large punch bowl with lots of cracked ice. 
2.    Give guests these monster glass markers so they don’t get their drinks mixed up!


If you are hosting a Halloween party you may find this guide to planning a big BBQ party useful. Make sure you share your own recipe ideas and pictures of your event with us on Facebook and Twitter.