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Five easy fish dishes to try this summer

From Marmalade and Gin Prawns to Smoked Salmon Burgers, specialist fish smokers, John Ross Jr. help us to count down the top five BBQ fish and seafood  dishes that are a must on a menu this summer.

Fish is always a BBQ favourite, but it’s especially great on those long summer days when you want a fresh-tasting meal that will fill you up without being too heavy. It’s also a healthy alternative to the burgers and sausages that back-garden barbecuers traditionally steer towards, but many of us shy away from grilling fish dishes under the assumption it is difficult to get right. For this reason, we’ve teamed up with experts in the field, John Ross Jr, the fish merchant and curer that is appointed to Her Majesty the Queen to choose our top 5 BBQ fish and seafood dishes that are easily achievable so that you can get get some practise in early ready for the BBQ season...

Marmalade and Gin BBQ Prawns

Have you checked out the yummy guide to making this dish in the recipe section of our website? This quick and easy main will serve 4 people and has a naughty little kick thanks to the gin used. Serve in a large sharing dish with sliced lemon and place on the table for everyone to tuck in.

Tip: You could try serving this dish with a good quality steak for a surf and turf feel that is sure to impress your friends and family at any BBQ.


Gurnard Asian Spiced Parcels

A spiced supper perfect for an intimate BBQ on a long, warm night. Gurnard is an unusual but sustainable fish that you can pick up from your local fishmongers.

The Gurnard flavour works fantastically with Asian spices, so wrap the fillets in kitchen foil with a teaspoon of garlic, ginger and chilli, drizzle with soy sauce and wrap into a parcel ready to be barbecued.

Tip: Serve with noodles and oriental vegetables.


Spicy Thai Kebabs

What is a BBQ without a good kebab? Add a little colour to your BBQ menu with this easy recipe and serve with a simple rocket or lettuce salad and yogurt dip.

Start by cutting salmon, plaice or pollock fillets into strips and combining mixed spice, yellow pepper and oil thoroughly. Next, coat your fish with the mixture, and thread onto BBQ skewers, separating the spicy fish with cherry tomatoes, chunky cut onions and sliced peppers if desired Wrap in foil and BBQ until the centre of the fish chunks are white and it begins to lightly flake.


Smoked Salmon Burgers

Do you have guests that attend your BBQs who are pescetarians? Then  a great fish alternative to the classic beef burger is the smoked salmon burger! Both a convenient snack and delicious dinner these burgers can be pre-made and take under 10 minutes to BBQ, so nice and speedy!

Make the burgers by flaking high quality smoked salmon into a bowl and mixing  with some chopped spring onions, soy sauce, lime zest and mashed new potatoes. Form the mixture into four burger shapes and chill in the fridge. When your guests have arrived, you can simply place your burgers directly onto the BBQ, turning regularly.

Tip: Once cooked through, serve in sesame seed buns with cucumber, chilli mayonnaise and a side of honey grilled sweet potatoes.


Salmon Tacos

Our last choice of BBQ fish recipe is great for using up any leftovers from your BBQ - There’s no need to throw anything away as you can create this great snack dish for lunch! Take some leftover smoked salmon or other leftover barbecued fish and mix it up with some chipotle spice, coriander, chilli and shredded cabbage. You can then serve this mixture hot or cold in a tortilla wrap, or our suggestion, a crunchy taco shell!


Give these five recipes a try and tweet us @GreatBritBBQ which you will be cooking at your first BBQ of spring!