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Battle of The Supermarket Sausage 2015

Continuing our yearly tradition, we have completed another spectacular sausage grilling for 2015!

This was our third year conducting the Supermarket Sausage Taste Test, giving you an insight into how our local supermarkets rank against each-other in the battle of the bangers, so you know just where to go for your BBQ shopping this year.

The Battle of the Supermarket Sausage 2015 is our biggest and best competition to date, with a grand total of 9 supermarkets’ sausages being barbecued and blind-tasted this year. As always, we created a level playing field by choosing own-brand bangers and asked our participants to taste each one straight off the BBQ before giving them a score out of 10.

Here are the selected sausages chosen for this years taste test:


The winning bangers this year were the Co-Operative ‘Loved By Us’ Butcher's Choice pork sausages, who have crept up all the way from 5th place in last year’s battle! Their sausages were rich and meaty in flavour… perfect for a Great British Hot Dog with a good dollop of ketchup… a great result. The biggest surprise to us this year was the outcome of Morrison’s ‘Made By Us’ pork sausages, which have moved from 1st place in 2014 to last place this year! See how all the others fared here...

Supermarket Sausage Taste Test