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Battle of the Supermarket Sausage 2013

We let the battle of the supermarket sausages commence and made it our mission to find out which own-brand bangers provided the best taste and value for money...

Here at the Great British BBQ we want to raise awareness of the beauty of barbecuing in Britain all year round, but with the average spend on BBQ food and drink being a whopping £35, we made it our mission to find out which supermarket sausages provided the best taste and value for money. After each mouthful our participants anonymously gave each of the barbecued supermarket sausages a score out of 10, which we then averaged and compared with their retail price to establish value for money.


In order to make it fair game, we selected the top range of each supermarket’s own-branded sausages and have the photos to prove it! The winning sausage was a pleasant surprise and proved to be the perfect choice for buyers on a budget as the tastiest sausages were also revealed to be the cheapest. The brand name gracing these winning sausages was of course, Aldi. Unlucky for some, 2013 certainly hasn’t been for this supermarket as they are riding high having broken several records and won numerous awards over the course of the year. The taste and value for money of their ‘Specially Selected’ pork sausages were proof enough to us as to why! Not just any sausages, Marks and Spencer can celebrate a close second place in the Battle of the Supermarket sausages, and the infographic below shows where the other contending supermarkets placed.

Congratulations to Aldi for stealing the crown for the best supermarket sausage. The battle of the bangers continues now as the Butchers of Britain fight for title of Best British Banger of 2013! Voting on the Great British Banger is open so vote now for your favourite to win!