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Choosing your perfect camping BBQ

Camping just wouldn’t be the same without cooking on a BBQ, whether you are enjoying a quiet week away getting back in touch with nature or hitting the festival scene with your friends. A portable BBQ is an essential item for camping, not only providing a hot meal on cool nights but for enjoying cooking in a different way.

Whether you are camping, caravanning, campervanning or glamping there is a portable BBQ out there that will suit you. But before you go out and buy the first one you see, we have outlined some of the main things to bare in mind before choosing the best BBQ to take camping:  

Fuel options

  • Charcoal - available in small bags and can easily sit inside the BBQ, meaning that they don’t add any extra bulk or much weight to your load.
  • Gas - bottles are available in small sizes but they can be heavy if you are intending to carry it by hand.
  • Wood - Campsites with firepits often have the option to buy logs and fire starters on site. Be aware that you can only forage for wood in certain places for wildlife preservation reasons - if in doubt, always ask.

Lighting & Preparation:

  • A charcoal BBQ usually takes between 30-45 mins to reach optimum cooking temperature.
  • Gas BBQs light instantly, but can take about 10 minutes to reach cooking temperature.
  • Some portable BBQs may require assembly.


  • Ashes created by charcoal must be removed regularly.
  • Your portable BBQ grate should be cleaned after use. Start by turning the BBQ to 'high' until the smoke stops, then the BBQ grates should be brushed and washed thoroughly.


  • Make sure you consider how many people you will be cooking for whilst on your camping trip - most portable BBQs are compact for portability, but if you need to cook for a family of 5+ then make sure you have a big enough grill to fit all those burgers on, plus a side dish or two.
  • Some clever campers decide to go for two small BBQs as opposed to one larger one - a small simple gas stove and a slightly larger charcoal BBQ - giving you the space to cook more or just boil a brew whilst waiting on your bangers.


  • In this case size really does matter! If you are going off the beaten track and carrying your BBQ, make sure it is not only compact but also lightweight.
  • Some portable BBQs come with carry bags. This is a great feature not just for carrying the BBQ but for keeping any charcoal residue on the BBQ and not on your clothes.

Hopefully now you will have a rough idea of the type of portable BBQ you would like to take on your summer camping trip.

To start you off here are our top picks of the best BBQs to take camping...

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