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Ezystove Twig Burning Cooking Stove

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Calling all campers. caravanners and general outdoor lovers - we think you’ll love this BBQ!

Like the idea of only having to collect a few twigs to cook a tasty family BBQ? The Twig Burning Cooking Stove from Ezystove does just that. Giving out over 2kw of heat and three times more efficient than an open fire - it's worth packing this beauty in the back of your campervan!

Here at the Great British BBQ we were very impressed with the simplicity and cleverness of this Swedish design. We love the fact that although the EzyStove seems simplistic, it actually uses rather advanced  technology to allow you to vary the level of heat, which is always a bonus if you want to cook a proper meal whilst out on the road.

All you have to do to get this BBQ going is to grab a bunch of twigs (the dryer the better), light a fire inside the combustion chamber and then add the sticks. Once you get to grips with how many twigs equal a certain level of heat, it is fairly easy to amp up the heat if need be.

There are a few reasons why we think this product is so ideal for campers, one of which is the fact that many campsites don’t allow open fires, but the EzyStove has an enclosed fire so it should be accepted on most campsites - just be mindful of where you're collecting your wood from!

Here is our full list of benefits and pitfalls that we found with this cooking stove:


  • Safer, cleaner and more efficient that an open fire
  • Allowed at most campsites
  • Lightweight and easy to store (no gas bottle)
  • Ready to cook on in two minutes
  • Cheaper fuel source to alternative gas stove
  • 2 in 1 function - stove and a heat source
  • Environmentally friendly with a cleaner burn
  • Stable cooking surface


  • You need to be able to easily collect twigs
  • You need to watch for burn marks in grass (this should only happen with prolonged use)
  • There are no matching accessories available

Overall we loved this product, and struggled to find much wrong with it! No, it isn’t for everyday backyard barbecuing, but in our opinion it is a great option for a more traditional camping BBQ experience - just send the kids off to collect the twigs and sit back and enjoy!

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