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Ultimate BBQ wine list - leave the beer on ice

The reason beer generally wins the popularity contest at barbecues is because of its fresh taste, that helps to cleanse the palate especially when eating slightly fatty or greasy foods. And of course some people just like the taste of it alongside their favourite barbecue dishes. In short, there is nothing wrong with grabbing a beer every time, in fact because the flavours work so well, we have our own beer barbecue recipe you can try.

On the other hand, what if you are not that keen on beer but still want that burst of freshness? No problem! You could simply choose to go for a chilled sparkling wine, which will offer the same cleansing effect. And if you are a lover of red wine, have you forgotten how well a good bordeaux can go with your roast beef? The same rules apply with a barbecue, but with a few differences. To help you out we have created a handy wine list to give you some alternative options to beer to offer your guests at your next Great British BBQ.

Take a look at our wine list below showing you the best choices to go with your BBQ favourites:

Wines for BBQ Chicken:

For chicken it has to be a Sauvignon Blanc for your white option. With a medium-body and crisp, refreshing flavour, thiswine also pairs well with citrus tones if you are using lemons and limes like in our citrus infused lemon chicken recipe.


Recommended Wine:
Waitrose Sauvignon Blanc, Villa Maria
“Crisp gooseberry fruit & smoky, stony finesse”


If you prefer a rosé, you need to go for a dry option, something like a Grenache would work well, providing a fruity aromatic flavour and light body - perfect if enjoying in the sunshine.


Recommended Wine:
Petit Rimauresq Cotes Provence Rosé
“Delicate & aromatic - a perfect summer drink”



When it comes to red wine, try a Burgundy with your chicken. This is a very flexible wine offering a medium body, high acidity and low tannins; all in all making this wine perfect for white meats.


Recommended Wine:
Louis Latour Red Burgundy
“Well-balanced wine with redcurrant & strawberry flavours”



Wines for BBQ Pork:

Slightly fragrant, fruity and dry whites like a Pinot Grigio would be the recommended choice here. The best examples come from New Zealand, Alto Adige (Italy) and Oregon.


Recommended Wine:
The Ned Pinot Grigio
“Fresh & dry white with aromas of nectarine”



A bold wine from South Africa or Provence would offer a great rosé option. Mirabeau Cotes de Provence is a good example, produced by an English owner and available from Waitrose.


Recommended Wine:
Mirabeau Cotes de Provence Rosé
“Wild strawberries & raspberry delight”



For a red wine option to go with your barbecued pork, steer clear of wines that are too tannic and look for blends of Grenache, Carignan, Mourvedre from the south of France, Australia or Argentina.


Recommended Wine:
Clos Saint Michel Châteauneuf-du-Pape
“Robust & rich with great complexity"



Wines for BBQ Sausage:

We would suggest picking up a red, such as a softer style Zinfandel to go with your Great British Bangers. You could choose to go with​ a more mild wine, but in this case let the food have the complexity and keep the wine light and fun.


Recommended Wine:
Brazin Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi
“Bold aromas followed by vanilla, mocha notes”



In contrast if you fancy a white, then flavorful and rich wines like those from the Burgundy region, are an ideal option to compliment your tasty sizzlers.


Recommended Wine:
Cave de Lugny Les Charmes, Mâcon-Lugny
“Rich & balanced with a refreshing finish”



Wine for BBQ Beef:

Whether you are diving into a spicy gourmet burger or just a plain patty then you have got to choose a red from the Beaujolais region. Beaujolais produces some of the most fruit driven reds Burgundy has to offer, with vibrant plum and cherry characters. Earthy and bursting with red fruit, this wine is exactly what you want to wash down a beefy burger. These wines are traditionally served slightly chilled - even better for the summer.

Recommended Wine:
Georges Duboeuf Chiroubles
“Fruity & fresh - summer in a bottle”


Wines for BBQ Seafood:

Because fish can provide a vast array of tastes and textures, it can be hard to find the perfect wine to accompany your chosen dish.  For  Salmon we suggest a rich white, especially if you are serving it with a creamy sauce or butter topped potatoes. A great example would be the Rustenberg Chardonnay.

Recommended Wine:
Rustenberg Chardonnay
“Benchmark South African Chardonnay”



If the dish has more herbs and a touch of citrus flavour, it's worth choosing a crisp wine. Italy has a great selection of lighter wines - we suggest St Michael Eppan Pinot Grigio.


Recommended Wine:
St Michael-Eppan Pinot Grigio
“Expressive & powerful Pinot Grigio from the Alto Adige”

All of the recommended wines above are available at Waitrose Cellar
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